Gender Roles in Relationships

My parents have always advocated the traditional lifestyle for me: Go to university, get a job, marry a decent Chinese guy, and pop a few kids. In response, I always say that I don't intend to marry. This is not because I'm adverse to the thought of marriage. In fact, I would like to have someone to sit on the porch… » 8/05/14 12:45am 8/05/14 12:45am

Tony Abbott is Restoring Our Right To Be Ignorant Bigots

Have you ever felt oppressed because you never had the right to scream about how much you hate Aboriginals, Asians and other people of colour? Just a reminder, Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia who is "threatened" by gay people (even though her sister is a lesbian), hates boat people so much that he… » 3/26/14 1:41am 3/26/14 1:41am

Waiting For My Rape to Happen (TW: Violence, Sexual Assault) [UPDATE]

In order to function as a woman in the world, you have to walk around pretending you're not that vulnerable. As individuals we believe that we're stronger. I remember, at 24-years-old, play-fighting with my boyfriend in his bed. "Bet you can't pin me" I teased. I did spin-class. I did yoga. I believed it. So we… » 3/08/14 9:05pm 3/08/14 9:05pm

Thursday: Social Defeciencies and Suicidal Thoughts

so i haven't been here in a while because i thought that writing about my mundane life is whiny and boring but i just read little snippets of sylvia plath's journal and they are great, and i find that random details about someone's life can be interesting to read, but it's probably only because she's sylvia plath. » 3/06/14 7:21am 3/06/14 7:21am