When is it okay to wear a POC accessory?

White people have borrowed cultural accessories over the years, and turned them into edgy, exotic ornaments. I admit that most of these trends are disgusting examples of cultural appropriation. For example, Selena Gomez dressing up as an Indian in Come and Get It, and portraying Indians as hypersexualized… » 10/26/14 9:55pm 10/26/14 9:55pm

FEMINISTS: You can all pack up and go home.

There is no more sexism in this world. Boys wear crop tops now. Let us objectify them. » 9/17/14 2:00am 9/17/14 2:00am

Gender Roles in Relationships

My parents have always advocated the traditional lifestyle for me: Go to university, get a job, marry a decent Chinese guy, and pop a few kids. In response, I always say that I don't intend to marry. This is not because I'm adverse to the thought of marriage. In fact, I would like to have someone to sit on the porch… » 8/05/14 12:45am 8/05/14 12:45am

A Dog + Bumblecat Fanfiction

It was a sunny morning, and A Dog was going on his usual walk. Bumblecat was licking herself in her backyard, when she noticed her old nemesis walking past her. » 7/16/14 10:00pm 7/16/14 10:00pm

Quiet Choices

While browsing around on the internet one day. I found this website that offers sex education for teenage girls. VERY BAD SEX EDUCATION THAT ENCOURAGES RAPE AND DATE RAPE DRUGS. » 5/10/14 8:44am 5/10/14 8:44am

We Have Entered SorciaMacNastyThink

All hail the era of the total elimination of Drama Llamas! On behalf of The Queen I release the Batllama, which will fight drama llamas and keep Groupthink safe. » 4/13/14 9:36pm 4/13/14 9:36pm

Just Let Johnny Depp Compliment China In Peace! [A REBUTTAL]

I'm sure many of you would have read this post which was recently mainpaged. In it, the author criticizes Johnny Depp for making the following statement: » 4/04/14 3:51am 4/04/14 3:51am

How Do I Deal With Slut-Shamey Parents? (Possible TW) [UPDATE]

So today I decided it would be nice to rock triple denim, so I wore a denim jacket, a denim top and shorts. It was rainy so I threw some stockings underneath. They look kind of like this: » 3/26/14 9:05pm 3/26/14 9:05pm

and this:

Tony Abbott is Restoring Our Right To Be Ignorant Bigots

Have you ever felt oppressed because you never had the right to scream about how much you hate Aboriginals, Asians and other people of colour? Just a reminder, Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia who is "threatened" by gay people (even though her sister is a lesbian), hates boat people so much that he… » 3/26/14 1:41am 3/26/14 1:41am

we are all liars

We have been conditioned to be honest since we were young. Whether it was through quotes from the Bible “Thou shall not lie”, or a slap on the face when you lied about how many cookies you took, the message from the world seemed very clear. Lying is bad. Honesty should be your policy. I was a firm advocate for the… » 3/15/14 11:29pm 3/15/14 11:29pm

I Am A Chink

I am a chink. I have small eyes and a flat forehead and a natural talent for Maths. I love rice and I eat it every day. My culture boasts a wonderful array of food. Do you love Chinese food? Let me introduce you to my local cuisine! This chicken rice is soft and tender like it should be. Here, try this ginger paste.… » 3/13/14 1:33pm 3/13/14 1:33pm

Can Dress-Giving Boyfriends PLEASE STOP BEING A THING (NSFW)

I've been seeing the same idea getting recycled over and over again on Facebook, Twitter and Korean dramas and THIS HAS TO STOP. I cannot understand this. I cannot understand this need that every girl supposedly has that can only be fulfilled by a dress and a necklace and shoes with the order: » 3/12/14 8:34am 3/12/14 8:34am

Waiting For My Rape to Happen (TW: Violence, Sexual Assault) [UPDATE]

In order to function as a woman in the world, you have to walk around pretending you're not that vulnerable. As individuals we believe that we're stronger. I remember, at 24-years-old, play-fighting with my boyfriend in his bed. "Bet you can't pin me" I teased. I did spin-class. I did yoga. I believed it. So we… » 3/08/14 9:05pm 3/08/14 9:05pm